About us

Lithium Australia Ltd (‘the Company’) is based in Kew, Victoria.

The Company believes sustainability equates to viability in relation to the global battery industry. What’s required are cheaper, more ethical and environmentally aware sources of battery materials, the manufacture of safer batteries at a lower cost, and more efficient and ecologically sound recycling of spent batteries.


To that end, the Company is establishing a circular battery economy (which ensures resource security) by way of its three vertically integrated business divisions; recycling, batteries and chemicals.

Company framework

Lithium Australia has three vertically integrated business divisions


Safe, efficient recovery of critical minerals from end-of-life batteries (especially lithium-ion batteries) by 100% Company-owned subsidiary Envirostream, for use in the production of new lithium-ion batteries in partnership with Company-owned subsidiary VSPC.


Use of those primary battery chemicals in the production of advanced cathode materials – in particular lithium ferro phosphate (‘LFP’) and lithium manganese ferro phosphate (‘LFMP’) – for lithium-ion batteries, via 100% Company-owned subsidiary VSPC.

Lithium chemicals

Energy-efficient recovery of lithium from spodumene that is discarded by traditional lithium-chemical conversion, as well as mine waste, via LieNA® and SiLeach® (both patented processing technologies) to create primary battery chemicals.

The only licenced mixed-battery recycler in Australia

In summary, through research and innovation the Company has vertically integrated lithium extraction and processing, along with battery materials manufacture and spent-battery recycling, in its quest for an ethical and sustainable circular battery economy and, ultimately, a net-zero world.