Advanced battery materials for safer, cheaper,

more sustainable energy-storage solutions

Our Batteries division is represented by 100% Company-owned subsidiary VSPC Pty Ltd (VSPC). At its electrochemistry laboratory and pilot production facility in Queensland, Australia, VSPC develops leading-edge battery materials for a wide range of e-mobility and energy storage applications.

In particular, VSPC’s technology produces high-quality, high-performance and globally cost-competitive lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) cathode powders, utilising well-established technologies to mix, mill, dry, furnace and package products that are readily commercially scalable.

How VSPC creates battery materials

Key points
VSPC’s fifth-generation nanotechnology, termed the ‘RC Process’, has been granted patent protection in Australia and is the subject of a PCT international patent application for national phase entry.
The RC Process is competitive with solid-state processes, the conventional technology for manufacturing LFP cathode powder in China. (China is currently the world’s largest producer of LFP.)
When tested, the performance of the cathode material in 18650 lithium-ion battery cells produced by VSPC using its own LFP powder was equivalent to that of the leading LFP product in the Chinese market. Its performance at low temperatures (significant for automobile starter batteries and some energy-storage applications) was superior.
To date, samples of LFP produced by VSPC and specified for both power and energy applications have been tested in the United Kingdom, France, Israel, Japan, China and South Korea.
Currently, demand for LFP represents more than half the global market for lithium-ion battery materials. VSPC is one of only a few entities outside China with the technical expertise to manufacture LFP powder of the highest quality to meet burgeoning market pressures.
Characteristics of VSPC’s RC Process

Nano-scale manufacturing technology.

A proven process.

Application to a high-growth market.

Potential for premium pricing.

Simple and scalable.

Flexibility to produce new materials.

Created by a leading R&D team.


No waste streams.

Planned production of LFP

The thematic for LFP demand in North America is compelling, given the rapid transition to electric vehicles, battery storage of renewable energy and government policies that encourage onshore critical manufacturing industries. We therefore see an opportunity to service an emerging market that, to date, has lagged behind Europe.

In June 2021, the United States announced plans for a National Battery Blueprint for Lithium Batteries, the catalyst to becoming a global leader in the pursuit of net-zero emissions.

VSPC’s strategic plan includes, initially, the construction and operation of a commercial LFP production facility in North America. Following ramp-up to nameplate capacity, production capacity at that plant will be doubled. We also envisage establishing LFP production facilities in Europe.

Programme for commercial LFP production

Key steps

  • Engineering study for pre-qualification LFP pilot plant.
  • Detailed study for LFP facility in North America.
  • Construction/operation of pre-qualification LFP pilot plant.
  • Offtake for sale of LFP.
  • Go-ahead to construct commercial LFP facility.
  • Construction, commissioning and ramp-up of LFP facility.

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