Delivering sustainability to the battery industry.

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Greener Circular Economy, Offering Global Energy Security

Lithium Australia aims to ensure an ethical supply of energy metals to the battery industry by creating a circular battery economy that enhances both sustainability and resource security. Reprocessing spent lithium-ion batteries to create new ones is intrinsic to this plan, with the Company operating Australia’s only fully integrated mixed-battery recycling business.


Having rationalised its portfolio of lithium projects/alliances, Lithium Australia continues its research into, and the development of, proprietary extraction processes for the conversion of all lithium silicates (including mine waste), and of fines generally discarded during conventional spodumene conversion, to lithium chemicals, from which it will produce advanced cathode materials for the battery industry globally.


Years of research


Zero Carbon Target


Vertically integrated lithium extraction, processing and recycling

The Australian federal government has recognised the Company’s progress through the awarding of substantial research grants designed to progress the nation’s advanced battery capabilities.


By uniting resources and innovation, Lithium Australia seeks to vertically integrate lithium extraction, processing and recycling.


Lithium Australia (ASX:LIT) is at the forefront of advanced materials development to ensure an ethical and sustainable future for the global battery industry. Lithium Australia is achieving this via its business divisions Envirostream Australia and VSPC Pty Ltd.

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Australia’s only onshore mixed-battery recycling company

Envirostream (100%-owned LIT subsidiary) is leading Australia’s battery recycling industry. It is at the cutting edge of delivering safe and innovative management solutions to one of the Australian waste industry’s biggest (and getting bigger) challenges – battery disposal.

Its state-of-the-art Victorian-based battery processing facilities are providing a sustainable solution by collecting, sorting and processing critical battery metals from all types of spent batteries to power the batteries of tomorrow.

With battery recycling partnerships alongside some of Australia’s leading brands (including Bunnings, Officeworks and Battery World), Envirostream benefits from the Australian government-backed battery recycling scheme which is providing rebates across collection, sorting, and processing of batteries. These combined provide the platform for national expansion.


Next-generation cathode materials

VSPC (100%-owned LIT subsidiary) has over 20 years’ experience developing leading-edge materials for e-mobility and energy storage applications and, ultimately, a zerocarbon economy. Its patents cover the production of advanced powders for next generation lithium-ion batteries, especially lithium ferro phosphate (‘LFP’).

Currently, demand for LFP represents more than half the global market for lithium-ion battery materials. The Company is one of only a few entities outside of China with the technical expertise to manufacture LFP powder of the highest quality to meet those burgeoning market pressures.

VSPC – path to commercialisation

VSPC is now on a clear path to production. With research and pilot plant facility in Queensland, a Definitive Feasibility Study (‘DFS’) for an initial 10,000 tpa LFP manufacturing facility well underway, and with customer offtake discussions advancing in parallel, VSPC is positioning for its first commercial footprint.