Lithium chemicals

Innovative and sustainable options for the production of lithium-ion battery chemicals

Our Lithium chemicals division boasts a suite of technologies designed to improve battery industry sustainability and better protect the environment through the exploitation of – essentially – any source of lithium, including end-of-life batteries.

A circular battery economy will contribute to net zero

Key points
Proprietary technologies

LieNA® and SiLeach®, as well as the precipitation and refining of high-purity lithium phosphate (LP or Li3PO4).


Long-term partnership with ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation).

Technology options

Ability to process all potential lithium feedstocks, including those generally deemed ‘waste products’.

Advanced cathode materials

Conversion of LP to lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) and lithium manganese ferro phosphate (LMFP).

Patent protection

An extensive intellectual property portfolio, amassed over a significant number of years.

Government support

Receipt of an Australian federal government CRC-P grant to further develop the LieNA® process.

Lithium processing technologies
LieNA® – developed to recover lithium from spodumene concentrate, this technology can process fine and/or lower-grade spodumene feeds that do not meet the specifications of existing thermal processors. It is particularly suited to managing impurities (such as iron) found in lower-grade spodumene feed.
SiLeach® – designed to recover lithium and other valuable by-products from lithium-containing micas and applicable to any source of lithium micas, including those often deemed mining waste. The robustness of the process has been demonstrated at pilot scale.

LP produced via LieNA® or SiLeach® can be further refined to create ultra-pure (>99.9%) Li3PO4, enhancing recovery options for lithium in brines and presenting an alternative to the production of lithium hydroxide by conventional spodumene thermal conversion refineries.

High-purity LP

This is the common thread linking our Lithium chemicals technologies.
High-purity LP is a premium lithium chemical feed source for LFP synthesis by our wholly owned Batteries division subsidiary, VSPC Pty Ltd (VSPC).

In fact, high-purity LP is the ideal lithium chemical feedstock for VSPC, which plans to contribute to the exponentially expanding global LFP battery market.


Our innovative lithium chemical processing technologies are the result of extensive R&D on the part of an experienced inhouse team, combined with partnerships that provide some of the best technical expertise available.

In particular, our strong collaboration with the Minerals division of ANSTO has resulted in inventive and rewarding results.

Securing the suite of technologies in our Lithium chemicals division is an extensive intellectual property portfolio that includes a number of granted patents and patent applications across a range of applicable jurisdictions.

To remain abreast of developments in our Lithium chemicals division, please refer to our latest ASX announcements.